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3 Elm Avenue
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2A2

902 697 2123

Valley Vixen is a feminist bookstore and adult toy shop located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. We are passionate about sexual health and pleasure and offer the highest quality toys and books for your enjoyment. 

Sexual Education Workshops

Sexual Education Workshops


Sex Ed 101

Feel like something’s missing from your public school sexual education? Us too! That’s why we’ve put together this workshop on basic sexual education. The information provided is pleasure-focused and aims to be inclusive by incorporating discussion about the full-body experience of sex and pleasure, without limiting any information to a particular body type or gender identity. We cover STI transmission, prevention, and navigating consent and uncomfortable conversations.

Queer Ed

If the straight kids didn’t get enough of a sexual education in public school, then those who fall outside of the heteronormative circles definitely weren’t given the steps to success in sex. This workshop is much like the regular Sex-Ed 101 workshop, with information surrounding the added stigma and barriers that LGBTQ+ folks experience when it comes to sex and pleasure.

Sexy Self Care

This is a discussion-based workshop that will cover topics around sex, mental health, and the link between them; from the challenges mental health often poses to sex, to how your mental health can help you learn about what you want from your sex-life! We will discuss the benefits that solo-sex can have on mental health, as well as nonsexual ways you can give your body the care and respect it deserves.

Sex Toy History

Have you ever found a loaf of bread sexy? Do you ever wish your electric mixer had a dildo attachment? In this workshop we’ll discuss all the different kinds of toys out there, and get the obtuse and humorous backstory on how our modern toys came to be.