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3 Elm Avenue
Wolfville, NS, B4P 2A2

902 697 2123

Valley Vixen is a feminist bookstore and adult toy shop located in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. We are passionate about sexual health and pleasure and offer the highest quality toys and books for your enjoyment. 

Sex Toy & Technique Workshops

Sex Toy & Technique Workshops

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Sex Toys 101:

This workshop is designed for anyone with a body who is curious about sex toys. We'll go over some pleasure anatomy and talk about how that anatomy can respond to a wide variety of stimulus. This includes information on vibrators, dildos, anal toys, lube and more!

Solo Sex

Whether you’re only just thinking about the possibility or you have a gold medal in solo sex, this workshop is for you! Topics in this workshop for all genders include discussing and reducing stigmas and barriers to masturbation, a crash course in anatomy, and other techniques to step up your solo sex!

Intro to Anal

In this workshop for all genders we discuss the basics of butt stuff, and how to have enjoyable, painless anal fun! We’ll talk about how to get ready for anal, solo and partner play, how to choose toys and lube, and ways to improve your anal techniques!

Intro to Oral

In this workshop for all genders we'll talk about anatomy, pleasure, and techniques for how to give and receive oral like an expert. We’ll also go over how to include toys and lube in your oral sessions, ways to simulate oral during solo play, and much more.

The Ins and Outs of Strap-On Sex

Learn about strap-ons and how to bring them into your bedroom! We’ll talk about techniques for all body types, what toys work best, and we’ll share some tips for incorporating strap- ons and using them like a pro.

Dirty Talk and Texting

Does your voice loose steam in the heat of the moment? Not sure how to communicate your sexy desires? This workshop will help you get wordy and dirty over text and in person!